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  1. Thank you for visiting my website!
    I imagine you are here to learn more about me and how I might work with you as therapist or consultant, so let me share a bit of this here.
    Most importantly, whatever you are searching for is about you. So, while my advanced degrees are important qualifications, your unique situation calls for an approach that best suits you. My priority in considering the approach to use is to first, fully understand what you are experiencing at this particular time. Together we will prioritize what you would like to make happen.

    Because each person is unique, there is no set formula for helping you find your solutions and achieve your goals. I focus on the particular circumstance presented by each person, carefully attending to what is being presented. The process is direct, supportive, and interactive. There is no judgement- we are all vulnerable and searching for living our life fully, we are learning along the way. If your search is not working exactly as you wish, therapy is a wonderful change agent when what has already been tried has not been working. I am here to help you identify alternatives in a safe comfortable atmosphere that allows for openness and focused exploration.

    Finally, when choosing a therapist, there is no substitute for experience. With over two decades as a psychotherapist, and also as someone who trains other therapists, I can offer the richness of experience you would want as you explore the most important aspects of your life.

    The details of my training, experience, approach and areas of expertise can all be found on this site, however, there is no substitute for what you learn in an in-person meeting.

    I hope you will contact me to get a sense of what we can discover together.
    My best wishes in your search

    Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD

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