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For individuals, couples or families seeking therapy.

Specialized expertise: life transitions, relationships, depression, anxiety, communication, trauma, job/ professional/creative challenges, diversity/cross-cultural issues, mid-life.

Private therapy offered in person in Santa Barbara California or via video conferencing. To schedule, please contact via email: or phone: 805-564-6642


Supervision and consultations for helping professionals: Individual or group, in person or via video conferences

Critical Incident Debriefing: Short term interventions for individuals, families, groups and corporations following major disruptive incidences

Executive Coaching and Corporate Training- expert consultation in organizational management (brief and ongoing)

Workshops and lectures: See previous and upcoming events



DISCOVER THE LIFE YOU SEEK: A ONE DAY RETREAT into conversation, imagination, hands-on tools & group support to  Discover and create the life you seek

January 20, 2018 10am-4pm  SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA

  •  What do you long for?
  •  How can your dreams become your reality?
  • What’s your life worth to you?

This one day retreat is an opportunity to shape your future through time set aside for presence and engagement with self and others. By joining other seekers in a professionally facilitated exploration of creative, conscious living, you begin a path to well-being that is uniquely yours.

Cost: $195 includes lunch

INFORMATION: Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD: 805-564-6642  or:



“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door:”Late-life Love, Creativity and Wisdom Reflected in the Art of Bob DylanPacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, California. October 2017.  Date TBA


Mirrors of the Mind- Psychotherapist as Artist.  Los Angeles County Psychological Association. Poetry Segment facilitator and presenter. November 2017

Practicing poetically.  Conference: Beyond Words- Experiencing Somatic Psychotherapy. Antioch University Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California. June 2017

Portrait of the Therapist as Artist: Creativity, Love and Wisdom through the Lifecycle Reflected in the Works of Bob Dylan and D.W. Winnicott.   Conference: The New Jersey Institute for Training in Psychoanalysis & The NJ Society for Clinical Social Work. March 2017.

Late- life Love, Creativity and Wisdom as Reflected in the Art of Bob Dylan. Creativity and Madness Conference Santa Fe, New Mexico- August 2016

Adults Giving Care to Adults: Existential Perspectives on What is Gotten, Given, and Given Up. Co-presented with Dr. Juliette Rhode-Brown,   Ninth Annual Conference of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, San Francisco, California- March 2016

Reclaiming Your Power: Claiming Your Life. Antioch University Santa Barbara MACP Salon Series, Santa Barbara California.-February 2016

 Caring for Caregivers. Santa Barbara Foundation Family Caregiving Forum, Santa Barbara, California-October 2015

 The Secrets of Healthy Living and Healthy Aging. Fundraiser Keynote Speaker: President’s Circle Forum- Family Service Agency of Greater Santa Barbara-October 2015

Can Youth Be Bought?  Antioch University Santa Barbara, Concentration in Healthy Aging Fundraising Event, Santa Barbara California- July 2015

Reading, Writing and Winnicott: Reconstructing the Story of ‘I’ in the ‘Good Enough’ Space. –International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education- November 2014

Developmental Perspectives and Clinical Interventions at the Crossroads of Midlife-Los Angeles County Psychological Association 26th Annual Convention-October 2014

The Road Not Taken: Mining Nostalgia for the Riches of Mid-Life – Antioch University Santa Barbara – May 2014


  • April 2013: “ Clinical Approaches to Conscious Aging.” Symposium on Healthy Aging, Antioch University, Santa Barbara, California.
  • March 2013: “The Longing Within: What We Want Past Midlife.” Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Grand Rounds, Santa Barbara, California
  • April 2012: “Adaptation and Transformation in Healthy Aging.” Antioch University Faculty Conference, Santa Barbara,California.
  • March 2012: “The Secrets of Healthy Aging.” California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Santa Barbara Chapter, Sant Barbara, California.
  • August 2011: “The Giving and Receiving of Voices in a Multicultural Mosaic.” Poster Session co-presented (in absentia) withJ.Rhode-Brown, PsyD., A. Cisneros and C.Payne American Psychological Association Conference, Washington, D.C
  • July 2011: “Holocaust Survivors and Gang Members: An Encounter Transforming Participants’ Attitudes Towards Vengance and Forgiveness”Annual Conference on Forgiveness, Interdisciplinary.Net, Oxford, England.
  • April 2011: “Diversity and Dialogue Through the Arts: A Community Endeavor”(co-presented withJ.Rhode-Brown, PsyD., A. Cisneros and C.Payne ).Annual Conference of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, Chicago, Illinois.
  • April 2010: “Innovative Approaches with Underserved Populations: What We Learn from Holocuast Survivors.” National Conference of the AJFCA, Los Angeles, California.
  • February 2010: “Myth, Metaphor, and Meaning: The Healing Effects of Symbolism in Psychotherapy. ” National Association of Social Workers, Continuing Education Seminar.
  • November 2009: “Images of Resistance: What Gang Members Learn from Partisans” Keynote: art opening “Images of Resistance.”Santa Barbara, California.
  • November 2009: “Assessment and Intervention with the Aged: A Systemic Approach.” Center for Successful Aging, Counselor Training Santa Barbara, California.
  • August 2008: “The Fee In Clinical Practice.” National Association of Social Workers, Continuing Education Seminar, Santa Barbara, California.
  •  March 2008. “The Holocaust Survivor and Gang Member: An Unlikely Pair.” Presented at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Grand Rounds Santa Barbara, California.
  •  March 2008: “What Money Means for Your Organization, Your Clients, and Your Mission.” Presented at Non-Profit Support Center Santa Barbara, California.
  • May 2007: “Portraits of Survival: Life Journeys During the Holocaust and Beyond. How One Small Exhibit Made a Big Difference.” Legacy of the Holocaust Conference, Krakow, Poland.
  •  May 2007: “Portraits of Survival: A Model Program for Teaching Lessons of the Holocaust in the Diaspora.” Haifa University and Center for Humanistic Education,Haifa, Israel.
  •  April 2007: “Utilizing Personal Narratives of the Holocaust as a Teaching Tool.” Presented at Anti-Defamation League Conference, “Echoes and Reflections: A Multimedia Curriculum on the Holocaust.” Santa Barbara, California
  • March 2002: “Gender Issues In Psychotherapy.” Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Grand Rounds. San Barbara, California.
  • March 2002: “Practicing Poetically: Harnessing the Essential Magic of Language In Psychotherapy.” National Association of Social Workers, Santa Barbara, California
  • February 2002: “Ethical Dilemmas Related to Fee Issues in Social Work Practice.” NASW continuing education series, Santa Barbara, California.