About Dr. Elizabeth Wolfson

Experienced Psychotherapist (individuals, couples, families, groups) dedicated to helping you discover the life you seek. Clinical Psychology Program Professor, Antioch University Santa Barbara

Dr. Wolfson is a licensed practicing psychotherapist in Santa Barbara, California in practice over two decades, where she devotes herself to helping others discover the life they seek. She provides counseling for life transitions, career, personal relationships and enhancing creativity in working with individuals, families and groups of all ages and backgrounds. She is also a faculty member in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University Santa Barbara where she served as Department Chair for seven years. At Antioch University she developed a Certification and Concentration in Somatic Psychotherapy which looks at the human experience holistically including mind, body and spirit. She also developed a Concentration in Healthy Aging which has garnered numerous awardss. Prior to that, while maintaining a private practice, Dr. Wolfson taught at Columbia University School of Social Work for ten years and was Clinical Director of family service agencies. In this capacity she developed award winning projects aimed at enhancing creativity, facilitating healing from trauma and empowering under-served populations. Dr. Wolfson was project associate on two documentary films that screened at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and, served as editor of the Psychotherapy section of allthingshealing.com from 2010-2012.

Dr. Wolfson has dedicated her life and practice to helping others discover and create the life they seek. She has published and presented on several areas of psychological interest including; creativity, opportunity at mid-life, intimate relationship, the process of psychotherapy, trauma, gender, and Healthy Aging. In 2017 she developed a Concentration and Certification in Somatic Psychotherapy at Antioch University. In 2010 she developed the Concentration in Healthy Aging at Antioch University which won an AARP and Central Coast Commission for Seniors award in 2011. Dr. Wolfson was a co-creator of Santa Barbara Village (a membership organization supporting elders in their homes), served as Project Associate on two documentary films that screened at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. She served as Vice President of Professional Development on the Board of the National Association of Social Workers, Santa Barbara Chapter for twelve years and is currently in her third year serving on the Board of Directors of SB CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists). Dr. Wolfson has maintained a private practice of psychotherapy for more than two decades and currently practices in Santa Barbara, California where she works with people of all ages with a practice specialization helping others in making positive transitions, optimizing creativity, enhancing career and personal relationships.

Discover the Life You Seek- One Day Retreat

Upcoming Retreat- January 20, 2017, 10am-4pm in Santa Barbara California

What do you long for in this one precious life?
How can your dreams become your reality?
What is your life worth to you?

This retreat is an opportunity to shape your future through time set aside for presence and engagement with self and others.

Contact Dr. Elizabeth Wolfson for information about this and future retreats or, for individual or couples consultations

Dr. Elizabeth Wolfson on Young at Heart Radio Show

Radio conversation with Dr. Wolfson on how one can explore the passions and possibilities of mid-life