Approach to Therapy

Dr. Wolfson describes her approach as follows:

I am a seasoned psychotherapist who has been working with individuals, families and groups of all ages and backgrounds for more than two decades. When you choose a therapist to help you impact the most important thing in the world: the quality of your life, you want to choose the right person and there is no substitute for experience.

Because each person is unique, there is no set formula for helping someone find solutions and achieve goals. I focus on the particular circumstance presented by each person, carefully and non-judgmentally attending to what is being presented. The process is direct, supportive, and interactive. Therapy is a wonderful change agent when what has already been tried has not been working. I am here to help you identify alternatives in a safe comfortable atmosphere that allows for openness and focused exploration. While my advanced degrees are important qualifications, the uniqueness of every human being in his/her situation calls for an approach that best suits you. My priority in considering the kind of approach to be used in therapy is to determine what will resonate for that particular person at a particular moment in time   Listening carefully, mirroring what I observe, offering feedback and helping formulate clear and attainable goals are examples of the kinds of interventions I provide. The goal is to enhance well- being and quality of life in whatever ways that is defined and experienced by you.

Because you are a ”whole person” attending to the entire picture of what is needed to enhance quality of life deserves an holistic, mind-body approach. I pay careful attention to mind-body connections and when indicated, I recommend bodywork treatment in conjunction with psychotherapy, referring to my colleague Claudia Ward, L.Ac, a highly trained and licensed Acupunture practitioner. (reached  at or 805-560-9727). When people experience relief from body discomfort, pain, injury and tension and they are more emotionally open and relaxed in session and consequently, more willing to engage in the deep exploration of thoughts and feelings necessary which enable them to fully address their concerns. The result has been a smoother progress in psychotherapy, actually shortening the length of treatment as quality of life is enhanced. Clients who attend to their body in conjunction with the soul work of psychotherapy report impressive results.

As an experienced psychotherapist, I know that a successful therapy process emanates from a relationship that is supportive and interactive, in which a safe environment has been established and which allows for exploration of who you are and what you need. I focus on the positives inherent in all of us and stay attuned to your goals and purposes for being in psychotherapy as the mind, body and spirit are being nourished.”

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